Brand Greece mentioned in Korean article

Nation branding expert Savas Hadji Kyriacou has written an article about Brand Korea at a Korean newspaper. The relevant part to Greece’s brand is these paragraphs, in which he exposes ideas I also agree with:

Greece is a truly blessed country. With over 2,000 sun-drenched islands, a rich culture and history, world-famous philosophers, and the undisputed birthplace of democracy and the Olympic Games, Greece has inherited many branding treasures. Even through mythology it has 12 gods, presided over by Zeus, unlike the single God of most cultures. It’s simply an irresistible nation of beauty, culture and history. And, in recent times it has become the linchpin of Southeast Europe, leading investment in the region.

Yet despite hosting the Olympics in 2004, Greece has not managed to capitalize on these great brand assets. If managed properly, Brand Greece could produce great rewards for tourism and investment, and elevate Greece’s role as a regional leader in a market of 300 million consumers. In short, Greece is highly undervalued and held back by its own inabilities to successfully mould a brand that directly supports the government’s agenda in political, social and economic terms.

The article can be found here.