Anér swimwear – A new brand inspired in ancient Greek myths

Great to see this new brand born in Greece called anér. That’s the ancient Greek word for man. The brand says that as an honoured member of society, a man would represent power, brains and the strength sculpted with exercise and sports.

aner swimsuits

The ancient Greek anér, the brand continues, had “an athletic body sculpted by the sport and the -real or mythical- adventures against enemies, monsters and unpredictable sea.”

aner greek swimsuits

The new brand is playfully turning all ancient myths, the legends and the stories with famous male protagonists, into the mostly favoured summer item: your swimwear. The brand says that “a world of battle and power, legend and fame, finds its modern canvas on the beautifully printed fabrics and contemporary shapes of the Anér swimwear”.

aner swimwear

anér swimsuits are mainly characterized by identifiable patterns with mythological content (Centaur, the Argo Argonauts, the Minotaur etc.) stamped with updated graphic way in modern color combinations.

aner swimsuits aner swimsuits

The new Made in Greece brand assures that swimsuits dry quickly and do not suffer in saltiness and the sunrays.

aner swimsuits patterns

Swimsuits anér start be available from the summer of 2017 in select boutiques and resorts around the world and on their website.

It looks like a good competitor to the famous Greek-Swedish swimwear brand Panos Emporio, which by the way has began to release Greek-inspired designs, like the Meander swimsuit model:

Panos Emporio