Greece is the 9th most powerful country brand

Brand Greece

According to data released today by FutureBrand’s panel Country Brand Index 2007, Greece is the 9th most powerful country brand. While this is an impressive position, the fact is that Greece has lost appeal. In last year’s survey, as I mentioned in this previous post about Greece’s 2006 country brand ranking, Greece ranked 5th. As the authors of the study remark, Greece “has great country assets, but needs to be steadier with its brand efforts”.

Another paragraph relating to Greece says

Greece is a good example of a country brand that feels very advertising oriented. The campaigns are different year to year, with little apparent synergy or attempt to deepen any established equity. “Explore your senses” is an interesting idea, but it seems superficial. Ads focus only on the sense of sight and the idea does not appear to be extended in a meaningful way. If Greece is about exploring your senses, why not create ads for all five senses, orient the website this way, create materials that engage the senses, etc.?

You can check the 2007 study here