Greece at the Country Brands Index 2008

The results of the Country Brands Index 2008, the report tailored by FutureBrand about the power of country brands, has brought somewhat disappointing results for Brand Greece. While in 2006 Greece was considered the 5th country brand and in 2007 Greece was considered the 9th most powerful country brand, in 2008 the country’s rankings have declined. But, to be fair, it is also just to say that in the Country Brand Index 2008, the country brands are measured in a very different way, thus leading to very different results.

In fact, now the measurements count many factors besides the tourism and travel dimensions, which were the factors traditionally considered by FutureBrands’s Country Brand Index. Obviously, the inclusion of factors away from the traditional Greek strengths of travel, tourism, culture and history makes the country inevitably rank pretty worse.

Greece only appears twice in the top-ten ranks, in the Art & Culture and History categories, which remain Greece’s country brand stronghold:

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