Branding Greece BrandingGreece.com is an online project focused on how to brand Greece as trademark in the global economy.

This project aims not to develop a brand for Greece, but to ignite a debate on the issue. Its goal is to become a common ground for debate, discussion and eventually achieve conclusions on how the “Greece” brand should be, how should be valued, and how should be marketed to the world audience.

Greece has no positive brand in the modern sense of the word and, from my point of view, it desesperately needs to improve it. The image of Greece is blurry in the best case, not to say negatively inspiring. In today’s world, Greece needs to streamline its profile clearly. But, how should that profile be? Which values should it be based on? What’s the “Greek” identity? What should “Made in Greece” mean?

The BrandingGreece.com project seeks answers to these questions, and it is open to everyone wishing to contribute.To learn more you can start by reading the About page, or by directly reading the featured articles or by browsing the blog posts.